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First of all you have come to the right place. We will review the highest rated web hosts. Putting your website on the Internet is not as easy as the “old” days. Today’s web is extremely complicated and tremendously faster when compared to those “old” days. You will need a web-host who can give you what you need when you need it. There are so many web-hosts available it is hard to figure out which one can give what you need. One host may take days to answer a question and another may take less than a minute.  We will endeavor  to give as much information as we can for each of the listed web-hosts so that you can make the right choice. Please read the Disclosure at the top right.


In the 1990s DSL and cable were not yet on the scene. The Web was still being dismissed by a lot of people as a fad, but the demand was continuing to increase, and there were still significant problems getting it to work at all.

Web hosting companies

This is where web hosting companies were created. They were entrepreneurs and engineers, visionaries and problem solvers. If the problem was the high cost of high-speed data lines, why not share that cost among many users? If the expertise and hardware required to keep a webserver running for every website was too expensive, why not share the web server? Why not act as a “host” to provide the bandwidth, hardware, and expertise to people who wanted to publish websites?

The number of web hosting companies began to increase. The industry was new and exciting. It required specialized skills. And there was no real business model to follow. People made things up as they went along. They not only hosted websites, but many of them also acted as ISPs (Internet service providers) and sold access to the Internet through dial-up connections. A lot of companies also offered web development and design services.

The world wide wait

But there were new sets of problems. Hardworking web servers produce heat. A lot of servers in a room produce a lot of heat. When a server gets hot, it crashes. And of course, if it’s hot enough in a room to crash one server, you’re likely to crash a lot of servers. Not to mention power outages. When web hosting companies found themselves hosting large websites with demanding clients, they learned that losing power means that websites go offline, and that results in unhappy customers.

This was roughly the era known at the time as “the world wide wait.” We were in the new century, but connections were slow, and pages took forever to load. And then broadband became widely available. Computers became more reliable. Companies started to specialize. The business models began to make sense. The technology began to work.

The state of today’s web hosting

Today, if you were to walk into a professional web hosting place of business, you would have a difficult time getting past the lobby without an escort. Data is critical, and systems are sensitive, so the data centers where the servers reside are secure areas.

Once you get inside the bulletproof glass doors, the air is cool and clean. There is a low hum from the air filtration and air conditioning system. Cool air comes out of vents in the floor and the ceiling. There are refrigerator-sized racks that hold banks of servers. And there are dozens and hundreds of servers. Thick cables snake around the room. They are high-speed data cables.

Some web hosts have multiple data line providers. All systems are redundant.

Outside the building, there are diesel-powered generators — often more than one — which provide emergency power if needed. Some companies have multiple power grids so that in the event of a local power outage, they can switch to another power source. And this is before they turn on the diesel generators.

All of this has taken place in less than a decade.

There are now data centers the size of football stadiums. There are hundreds of smaller web hosts that occupy whole floors of tall buildings. On the other hand, there are still some people out there running web hosting companies from locations above an abandoned bakery. Some of them do a great job. It is important to know who you are dealing with.