Become Successful with 1&1 Web Hosting
Other companies promise cheap hosting, but then charge extra for setup fees, higher renewal rates, or promotional services.  With 1&1, the listed price is the number you’ll pay, and you can expect a fully loaded, comprehensive suite of web services.

Please remember that Host pricing is constantly changing sometimes on a daily basis. You should compare each site by clicking on the banner and look at what they are offering today. Each of these web hosts in this review are at the top of the list at most independent reviews. We will add more when they start getting listed in the top levels. Check out each host and make your most informed choice for a Web Host. Please view the comments below some are good some are bad.

I have been with 1and1 for 10 years plus, was always very pleased, and frequently recommended it. Not more. Things have been on a steady downhill slide for about a year. When problems are brought to their attention, even quite severe ones, the response is frequently that they know about it and are working on it, but the problems don’t go away. The most recent example is that they have managed to get one of their main email server on MicroTrend’s spam filter black hole and much of my outgoing email is now blocked, an intolerable situation.- Clay Witt

Just had a bad week with 1and1 but I’m willing to forgive a little downtime, thanks to EXCELLENT support and communication. These are upfront guys! You’ll appreciate it … believe me, few of us are so lucky.- Lance

after a year with 1&1 i decided to upgrade to the business service, my traffic was really skyrocketing and it seemed my service was slowing down. best investment i’ve made. and really… it’s only a couple of dollars a month for fast service, no hassle, and excellent speed and reliability. Excellent going, 1&1.- Christian

I really like the 1&1 website builder, very easy to use and I’ve been up and running, no problem, for 6 months now.- Hillary Croskey

In 2003 when I signed up it was fantastic. In 2006 customer service had degraded badly and quality overall was trending to poor. These days it varies from infuriating to giving up. Customer service is spotty from just annoying waste of time to 10% helpful. When I see the features offered by other top providers, I can’t believe I still use them. Planning a move. But will the others be better? Hard to tell. And 1and1 does have very reasonable yearly domain fees. With a lot of domains it’s a factor. Ranging from $2 to $10 more per domain more than 1and1. Load times for my sites have degraded more than noticeably. They offer very limited features for CMS, Carts and charge a lot for SSL. I see some have free shared ssl. A nice option. No Joomla help at all. But Joomla does run well there. And never had a db issue. The worst at 1and1 is the billing department. I’d rather trust Satan.- Ajusta

1&1 is one of the biggest and best for domains, web hosting, and web packages overall, they simply offer a top of the line product across and we love using them. Their support is very helpful and easy to get in contact with. We give them our highest possible recommendation for anyone looking for a new provider.- Bob M.

I can’t explain with words how satisfied we are with 1 and 1 service. Their Servers are stable, quick, and customer support is always there and extremely helpful in every way. Highly and Strongly recommend!- Timothy Rothburg


I have been renting space with 1&1 for over a year now. Have gone through many web hosting and domain companies and they are by far the most affordable and the best there is – this is the first one I have been happy with and stuck with. No BS they deliver as promised every time.- Anthony S.

Become Successful with 1&1 Web Hosting

Bandwidth Unlimited
Disk Space Unlimited
Unlimited MySQL Databases YES
Unlimited Hosted Domains YES
International Domains YES
Linux Hosting YES
Windows Hosting YES
Control Panel YES
Website Builder YES
Site Statistics YES
Shared SSL YES
Shopping Carts YES
Advertising Credits YES
1-Click App Installs YES
Autoresponders YES
Spam Filters YES
File Manager YES
Custom Cron Jobs YES
Raw Access Logs YES
Script Library YES
Customizable Error Pages YES
.htaccess YES
FTP Manager YES
Unlimited FTP Accounts YES
24/7 Phone Support YES
Email Support YES
Video Tutorials YES
Knowledgebase YES
Live Chat Support NO
User Forums YES

Become Successful with 1&1 Web Hosting