Bluehost has been providing quality web hosting solutions to businesses and individuals since 1996. Their goal is to provide outstanding services for the best possible price. To achieve these goals they are constantly innovating and upgrading their services at no additional cost to their  customers.

Please remember that Host pricing is constantly changing sometimes on a daily basis. You should compare each site by clicking on the banner and look at what they are offering today. Each of these web hosts in this review are at the top of the list at most independent reviews. We will add more when they start getting listed in the top levels. Check out each host and make your most informed choice for a Web Host. look at comments below. some are good and some are bad.

I don’t have much to say cause I never really thought about it! Everything runs so smoothly that I can really focus on my website and that is what matters no?- Mike Scarfe

I signed up with them and because I’m outside of US they suspended my account just few hours after creating it. This is outrageous and I’ve asked for a refund immediately. I do not recommend to anyone if you’re outside of US because you’ll end up making a chargeback or open a dispute on PayPal and you’ll loose time on this S*** company.- Ionut

Incredible customer service, easy CP. Loving Blue Host.- Todd

I’ve been with bluehost for a few months now and so far they have been very professional and serious when it comes to their customers. Their cPanel is amazing as well.- Daniel

Customer service @ technical support is INCREDIBLY (!) knowlegeable, efficient, professional, helpful & courteous. Site has never had any down time in 3 years. Definitely recommend. I searched out a way to write a review somewhere on the web (when I VERY rarely write a review) so I could say thanks blue host! U rock! Can’t say it enough.- Dana soza

I have two active domains at BlueHost and several parked domains. They are economical when compared to some other companies that have seemingly low domain registration costs, then charge you for features you need. BlueHost includes many of these feature. MOST IMPORTANT is the customer service. These people answer the phone very quickly and always answer your questions and give good guidance.- Newill

I have been with bluehost since January. My web site, my e-mail, basically, my business is dependent on bluehost. I’ve had an on line presence since 1997 with 2 other hosts. With bluehost, i’ve been down 4 times since January. In my humble opinion, the people that are giving bluehost high ratings are either not dependent on their business being up and running full time, or they have been lucky. Sure, it is nice to call in and get a live person on the phone, but that’s all. Each time I call, I will get confirmation that my site is down, which means my e-mail is down, and NO estimation as to when it will be back up. I know the site is down, the only reason I call is I want to know when I can expect it to be back up. My warning to anyone that has a business like mine, dependent on constant communication or the speedy transfer of files, beware. I am looking elsewhere. I forgot to mention, their servers are slow. I sometimes transfer gigabytes of files in a day, but usually 100 megs or so. I am painfully aware of the speed vs other hosts.- mike tee

Many of my fiends and business associates know that when I’m shopping for a product or service, I research it to death. I indulged my obsession while choosing a new Internet provider. I had been satisfied for many years with Earthlink as my domain host, but my feelings changed after they outsourced their technical support overseas. I suddenly found myself speaking with people who were robot-like, often difficult to understand, and not particularly creative in finding solutions to my problems. I was also paying a separate annual bill for my domain name. I thought there must be a company that provided both hosting and a domain name for a single, reasonable price. In doing my research, I spent hours roaming the Web and reading reviews from reputable sources. I finally settled on BlueHost, which has been hosting business and personal web sites since 1996. I have been very happy with them. Now, when I call my provider for assistance, it’s truly a pleasant experience. I’m often connected with an associate within 30 seconds, and have never waited longer than two minutes. If I do need to wait (for perhaps a couple of minutes), I am kept updated on my position in their queue (no more waiting for what seems like forever!). I have found every associate to be extremely professional, polite, and genuinely interested in helping me. Here’s another plus: ALL support is handled from Utah, and many of the staff working at BlueHost are from Brigham Young University! I believe a company can only survive on the quality of its customer support, and you won’t find any better than BlueHost.- Jeff

Bluehost is amazing! I was experiencing some server outages. So I called them up and they told me that they could move my site to another server that has more demanding apps running and cater to higher loads. The support team is great, two thumbs up!!- N.Hale

I’ve been with Bluehost since 2004 and only once in all those years was I disappointed. I figure that if you consider all the times I’ve called them, it’s about a 99.999% satisfaction. That one time which they messed up was a dozy because they lost my whole website due to a system failure. But they recovered my sites (yes, I have them host 13 for me) from a back-up, but they worked with me, and I felt they did everything they could to get things up and running smoothly. I am extremely satisfied. I’ve found that over the years as hackers have gotten better, bluehost has learned how to out-smart them. I’m very satisfied in every way.- Sharon Skaryd

Bandwidth Unlimited
Disk Space Unlimited
Unlimited MySQL Databases YES
Unlimited Hosted Domains YES
International Domains NO
Linux Hosting YES
Windows Hosting NO
Control Panel YES
Website Builder YES
Site Statistics YES
Shared SSL YES
Shopping Carts YES
Advertising Credits YES
1-Click App Installs YES
Autoresponders YES
Spam Filters YES
File Manager YES
Custom Cron Jobs YES
Raw Access Logs YES
Script Library YES
Customizable Error Pages YES
.htaccess YES
FTP Manager YES
Unlimited FTP Accounts YES
24/7 Phone Support YES
Email Support YES
Video Tutorials YES
Knowledgebase YES
Live Chat Support YES
User Forums NO