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Please remember that Host pricing is constantly changing sometimes on a daily basis. You should compare each site by clicking on the banner and look at what they are offering today. Each of these web hosts in this review are at the top of the list at most independent reviews. We will add more when they start getting listed in the top levels. Check out each host and make your most informed choice for a Web Host. Read some of the comments below some are good and some are bad.

Overall I’ve been pretty happy with iPage. They’re pretty on par with other hosting companies. My biggest gripe is their FTP service. It’s slow and unreliable to connect to. Sometimes it takes up to a minute to connect and download a file. I’ve talked to there customer service people a dozen times and where as they’re polite and prompt to reply but they’ve yet to resolve the issue. If you’re hosting a completed site this obviously isn’t an issue but if you’re mid-development it can be slow and cumbersome to work with. If you’re looking for a “set it and forget it” host then ipage is great. If you’re looking for someplace to do any type of development then I’d suggest looking elsewhere.- Eric

Why all excellent’s, because I did a lot of research before settling with iPage and simply they were the best. I have had no problems, instant uptime, and great add-ons. More than anything it simply works. And they are wind power which is important to my clients.- Carlen Young

Customer Service use an easy excuse to escape mistakes, which makes me irritated. My Site are down for more then 5 days after renewal and they asked me to wait for another 1 or 2 days. Nice, perfect one week of waiting. I hope they are not making me wait for another excuse of something are not being updated anymore. Since they already use it twice. DNS and Nameserver.- Sou Tadayoshi

Check the prices. This site is wrong, the lowest they go is $4.50, and that goes to $100 after a year is up, so go in with eyes open. They can be very misleading with this one issue. Also lately a lot of down time. I have three sites I maintain through them, and overall I’ve been pleased, but those sites have been down several times in the past month, and all I get from them is the same vague answer every time. They are quick to answer, but sometimes their answers are worthless.- Dawn

I was a FC client years ago so I chose them again, this time putting the website together on my own. Although the one that is up now is not the complete finished product, I am very please with it as I am not a webmaster or will ever claim to be but I am very proud of it and my clients find it easy to navigate around in. I give Fat Cow two thumbs UP!.- Sedona Lavender

They have some serious FTP connection issues. I use an external website builder and when I try to connect with FTP to upload the page (s) I always get connection timed out messages on the first 4 attempts. Contact iPage support and they tell me to enter the correct password. ??? Stay away if you use FTP- Mike

Happy I found them through you guys, could not have picked a better host. No downtime that I’ve seen so far, great speed as well.- Derek W

I was ALMOST a customer of Ipage, but was not able to host my website on their server due to e-mail issues that were not their fault. So I’m writing this review to tell of my experience with their staff, and getting things set up. Everything went smoothly and quickly, my site was live on their server in minutes. DNS resolved in just a few hours. I had an e-mail issue which was not their fault, and their tech support team was responsive and knowlegeable. But because of the e-mail issue, I unfortunately had to request a refund. I had absolutely no trouble whatsoever with that. I used Pay Pal to pay for the site, and it was returned to me within hours. Every penny of it. During the limited time my site was on their server, it ran quickly with no delays or glitches. FTP was FAST. So I just wanted to say that my experience with this host was nothing but positive.- Jim Stephens

Great value, and excellent support. I had to submit a review for iPage. I bought a business, and had to take ownership of a website. It was hosted elsewhere. I didn’t trust the hosting provider the previous owner was using, so I started researching hosting services. I decided to go with iPage. Now, first I had to transfer the domain from a different owner using a different hosting provider. The process took about a week, and the iPage support staff were great. Every question was answered within an hour, and they walked me through a difficult process. Then, I created my website on Weebly, which was incredibly easy, but getting things pointed towards that site was not. Again, the support folks at iPage came to the rescue with helpful and timely responses to my questions. Now, the site is up and running as intended. I don’t think I could have done it without the helpful support people at iPage.- Jeff

I’m very pleased with the service ipage provides. Sign up process was fast and easy. I even got a welcome phone call. Control panel is great. All the tools and features are categorised which makes navigation easy and enjoyable. The package has a lot of free tools and add-ons. For such low price its agreat value. it even includes free security package. I look forward to build my site with iPage. Strongly recommend.- Stan J


Bandwidth Unlimited
Disk Space Unlimited
Unlimited MySQL Databases YES
Unlimited Hosted Domains YES
International Domains YES
Linux Hosting YES
Windows Hosting NO
Control Panel YES
Website Builder YES
Site Statistics YES
Shared SSL YES
Shopping Carts YES
Advertising Credits YES
1-Click App Installs NO
Autoresponders YES
Spam Filters YES
File Manager YES
Custom Cron Jobs NO
Raw Access Logs YES
Script Library NO
Customizable Error Pages YES
.htaccess YES
FTP Manager YES
Unlimited FTP Accounts YES
24/7 Phone Support YES
Email Support YES
Video Tutorials YES
Knowledgebase YES
Live Chat Support YES
User Forums YES