Finding a cheap, reliable web host is not a simple task, so we’ve put all the information you need in one place to help you make your decision. At Just Host, they pride ourselves with commitment to customers, and they want to make sure you have all the details you need before making that big decision.

Please remember that Host pricing is constantly changing sometimes on a daily basis. You should compare each site by clicking on the banner and look at what they are offering today. Each of these web hosts in this review are at the top of the list at most independent reviews. We will add more when they start getting listed in the top levels. Check out each host and make your most informed choice for a Web Host. Check out the comments below some are good some are bad.

This is my 1st domain and I had to seek tech help 3 times via phone and chat. Just Host was able to correct my mistakes and walk me through the process and explain so easily that I will be able to do it myself in the future. I paid only $40 for a year of hosting, and they taught me something new! There are many video help tutorials as well for people like me who are just learning. JustHost was a great choice for me!- Erica S Chase

This is a cautious positive review. I like the features and the web building tools. So far, the problem I’ve had is with customer support. I spent from noon to after 8 pm trying to do live chat (takes forever) and finally switched to email. The problem was the cpanel. I did my usual troubleshooting my computer, rebooting, checking FAQ, etc. I contacted customer support and they were no help. I asked to talk with a supervisor and got a less than professional reply. Shift changed. New guy wants me to do all the things I have already done. I refused and told him to look at their end (twice – 2 messages). After more wrangling I finally got a semi-concilliatory response that their upgrade was responsible for not being able to get into my admin pages. I was right and they were wrong and I never even got a “sorry”. If you use customer support search carefully through their site for the phone number and try calling first. Live chat is slow , awkward. If you can find the phone number, it’s beter to call.- Dorothy

Had been hosting with Justhost for almost 2 years now…and it’s been great since early….support were good and fast ….- AhmadShamli

I’m a new business and I can’t afford downtime or wasted time fighting with a website or web host. My colleague recommended JustHost and I’d like to do the same. Very helpful support, streamlined account setup. I was never worried about security. Excellent.- Harrison Carter

They have horrible support and will not honor their contracts.- Brandon

Justhost has everything I need at a price that can’t be beat. I can’t accurately rate customer support because I haven’t had to ask for help. Easy to get started and up 100% of the time..Awesome!- Connie Orrson

When I first looked at JustHost, I thought it looked pretty cool, recommended to me by a friend. But not only does the site builder have many problems, the support is extremely poor, and it takes a long time. JustHost is really just not worth the money if you want to make a decent-looking website.- Miles H

I haven’t had any problems at all. That’s how a host should be.- Rich Rowley

Usually I do not give feedback on services because usually everything is average. In this case I can not express how impressed I am with JustHost Hosting. My site is extremely fast and responsive, even more than I imagined. Support the past few days has been nothing less than spectacular, and yesterday after I got off the phone with a representative all I have to say, besides his help and politeness, is that his handling of a small mysql issue that had my subdomain not working was resolved extremely fast and very efficiently, enough to make me go WOW!!! Just want to say thank you to the staff and to JustHost Hosting, it is not often that you see a company that simply knows what it’s doing yet at the same time actually care about its customers.- Julia Stranton

Affordable price, easy to use navigations, amazing features, efficient, green and non nonsense movements. Great provider!- Earnestine Smetlzer

Bandwidth Unlimited
Disk Space Unlimited
Unlimited MySQL Databases YES
Unlimited Hosted Domains YES
International Domains YES
Linux Hosting YES
Windows Hosting NO
Control Panel YES
Website Builder YES
Site Statistics YES
Shared SSL YES
Shopping Carts YES
Advertising Credits YES
1-Click App Installs YES
Autoresponders YES
Spam Filters YES
File Manager YES
Custom Cron Jobs YES
Raw Access Logs YES
Script Library YES
Customizable Error Pages YES
.htaccess YES
FTP Manager YES
Unlimited FTP Accounts YES
24/7 Phone Support YES
Email Support YES
Video Tutorials YES
Knowledgebase YES
Live Chat Support YES
User Forums YES