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Please remember that Host pricing is constantly changing sometimes on a daily basis. You should compare each site by clicking on the banner and look at what they are offering today. Each of these web hosts in this review are at the top of the list at most independent reviews. We will add more when they start getting listed in the top levels. Check out each host and make your most informed choice for a Web Host. look at comments below some are good and some are bad.

Incredible host! Yahoo is such a reliable and well known provider. I haven’t experienced any sort of downtime yet, my email is working speedily and I seldom run into any issues that aren’t my fault. Great host!- Sasha

Yahoo has been reliable but their pricing structure is not in line with what most other companies are charging now. I guess you pay for reliability and a little SEO. They’re advertising an upgrade to PHP5 like it’s a new thing… it’s 2010… I have had no problems with their customer support or downtime issues. I’d recommend them to someone who didn’t mind forking over the cash for reliability.- Tom Estlack

I’m not able to get access to the htaccess file. They limit their server and what you can do with your site. Support claims they will advance their systems but that doesn’t seem like it’s going to happen. They need to upgrade their programs/applications and overall system! Have of the pages produced are coming out all wrong. So fed up!- Heather G

I host my business site with Yahoo and they have reliable website, host, support, and incredible features and bonuses for a fraction of the cost compared to other hosts. Recommended!- Kyle Based On:6 months - 1 year

After my bank cancelled a card because a business where I had bought something had their security breeched, I gave yahoo the new card and #. They continued to bill the old card and didn’t notify me. Subsequently, they deleted and erased my entire site without a phone call or any contact. Then they wanted me to re-up…. you’ve got to be kidding…avoid them like the plague….plus, very limited web designs.- Dr. K

I have a site that offers coupons and gift cards and such to all customers who stumble upon, hear or know about my site. I wanted to make it better and without a doubt I turned to yahoo to as their merchandising feature to add coupons/promotions made it easy to do so. As well as their SEO and SEM options I was able to grow my client base and now everyone can get a deal as I did with yahoo’s economical pricing strategies! Hey have great customer support also.- Ne0

With the new updates of CSS and PHP, yahoo needs to keep up to the times and advance their apps. It is getting complicated for me to continue to host my site with them. It causes a lot of issues that shouldn’t even exist at host.- Jesse T

Love yahoos design templates and the economical price. I am a newbie and yahoo really helped me become familiar with website design and the building tools. I wanted to build a personal website and their support team really IS supportive; no matter how crazy my questions were or how I found something so simple difficult that still helped me out and was very courteous. I now have an incredible site which I continuously make my own with various features and options available.- Mark G.

Yahoo’s site builder process is so easy, navigation is simple and the support reps are very knowledgeable.- Necole

I’m use to more print advertising, word of mouth, but my kids were nagging me that I have the internet in my face that can reach millions of people so I saw yahoo’s online marketing option and signed up. Boys were they right! Yahoo’s sponsor search was a god sent. My income grew, my stores client base increased and thee traffic flow was and still is incredible. I would definitely recommend Yahoo to anyone who is looking for more exposure to their website.- Jordan

Bandwidth 5000GB
Disk Space 500GB
Unlimited MySQL Databases NO
Unlimited Hosted Domains YES
International Domains NO
Linux Hosting YES
Windows Hosting NO
Control Panel YES
Website Builder YES
Site Statistics YES
Shared SSL YES
Shopping Carts NO
Advertising Credits YES
1-Click App Installs NO
Autoresponders NO
Spam Filters YES
File Manager YES
Custom Cron Jobs NO
Raw Access Logs NO
Script Library NO
Customizable Error Pages NO
.htaccess NO
FTP Manager YES
Unlimited FTP Accounts YES
24/7 Phone Support YES
Email Support YES
Video Tutorials YES
Knowledgebase YES
Live Chat Support NO
User Forums NO